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It´s time!

Today we are introducing $NFTzToken, our utility and rewards token for the community. We have just launched our token on The @openfund round will last from today until February 14.

Despite challenges from the bear market, we've reached a level where we can maintain basic operations but now aim to elevate NFTz to new heights.

Our goal is to finance upgrades to NFTz so that when the Focus app launches, we are there and ready to redefine NFTs in this ecosystem. While using you will also earn $NFTzToken and potential $Focus.

Upgrades will include:
✅ Enhanced UI/UX in the new version
✅ Revolution PoS support
✅ Robust Postgres State Indexer
✅ Subscription and Rewards System
✅ Possible Future Staking system
✅ DeSo Validator Role
✅ Additional features and improvements driven by community voting

The purpose of the $NFTzToken:
⚒ Contribute to building the DeSo and Focus NFT ecosystem.
🔥 Get potential additional Focus rewards.
🔐 Enjoy discounts on future services and exclusive access to holder-only features.
📢 Influence platform upgrades and rewards structure through voting rights.
📈 Gain higher visibility on NFTz feeds and social media promotions.
📈 Participate in a dynamic NFT market, with a portion of NFT royalties used for token buybacks.
💪 Support a robust and decentralized DeSo network as we evolve towards a reliable Validator.

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Thanks and let´s elevate NFTs on DeSo and Focus! Let us know your questions and ideas in the comments!

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