About NFTz

NFTz is a social marketplace that allows users to mint and sell NFTs on the DeSo blockchain. NFTz is a decentralized platform that allows users to mint NFTs for almost 0 fees.
NFTz Inc was founded in 2021 by the van Halen brothers and Krassenstein twins. Check team for more info.

Social Features

Since DeSO is a social blockchain each deso wallet and prfile has a follower graph. You have your own followers, posts and social interactions. But also NFT interaction like minting, bidding and buying. DeSo NFTs come with tipping, mirror, likes and comments, and more options are coming soon. We also have claimable NFTs where you can give people NFTs in exchange for social exposure like liking or mirroring.


On DeSo NFTs are digital assets that represent ownership of a unique item. NFTs can be used to represent ownership of digital art, music, videos, 3D, services, real world assets (RWA) and more. DeSo NFTs have built-in royalties that allow creators to earn a percentage of future sales, for primary and secondary sales.
For an explanation of how NFTs on DeSo work check this video from DeSo about NFTs and NFTz:

What makes NFTz better?

NFTz comes with some unique features:

  • - Social NFTs
  • - NFTs come royalties for primary and secondary sales.
  • - Mint NFTs with 1 click. No need to pay gas fees or wait for confirmations.
  • - Mint NFTs for almost 0 fees. NFTz only charges a small fee to cover the cost of storing the NFT on the blockchain.
  • - NFTs come with comments and social interactions.
  • - Each DeSo profile has a cool slick NFTz zone to showcase your work.
  • - Each NFTz zone can have user configured galleries.
  • - Each NFTz zone has a 3D spatial showroom which works in VR. And 3D NFTs.
  • - Easy sharing features and URLs based on your DeSo Username.
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