What is DeSo?

DeSo, or the Decentralized Social blockchain, is a layer-1 blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency, all built to scale decentralized social applications to one billion users. The goal of DeSo is to help developers and communities move toward a more decentralized, web3-driven internet.

DeSo natively supports NFTs (non-fungible tokens), creator coins (social tokens), and scalable social media content, all on the decentralized blockchain.

Unlike other blockchains used for NFTs, DeSo is built in such a way that actions taken on the blockchain cost just hundredths or thousandths of a penny. This means it is nearly free to mint NFTs, sell NFTs, buy NFTs, or take any social media actions, including making social posts, givings tips (diamonds), liking posts/NFTs, and/or taking part in discussions surrounding any topic.

You can read more on DeSo Whitepaper at: https://docs.deso.org/about-deso-chain/readme

NFTz is a DeSo Node/App (or dApp) on the DeSo block chain. Meaning that interactions you have here will also show on other DeSo Nodes/Apps.

You can read more on DeSo organization here